Veteran & new gameplay all-in


For slave-gardeners who already have the Collector's Core Box and want ALL the content from Season 2.

Includes the free expansion "Vehegor’s Poem". A new 15-hour campaign unlocked during the Kickstarter, in the spirit of the "curses" from The 7th Continent.

Requires The 7th Citadel Core Box.
Available in English and French.
Estimated delivery November 2025. 

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Data sheet

Season 2 Collector's Box
"The first garden" new Threat
"The Reversal" exclusive expansion
"Stranded remains" expansion
"Three good fellows" expansion
"Bookworm" expansion
"The Past" wooden card holder
Free upgrade pack
All Stretch Goals from this campaign
Optional Buy
Can be added during the pledge manager.
Shipping Cost
Added During The Pledge Manager