About us


Our company

Founded in 2010, Serious Poulp was all about seeing the games we designed come to life. Serious Poulp Inc. is the name of the North American branch of Serious Poulp. It was created in 2017 to help us develop our business in North America.

The first Kickstarter campaign for The 7th Continent was successfully funded back in October 2015 thanks to the support of 12,103 daring explorers! Two years later, with a lot of experience from this first adventure under our belts, we’re back with some new ideas that we just couldn’t keep to ourselves!


Two friends passionate about all things gaming! We’ve been working together for almost 15 years in the digital communication agency we created in 2002, then as Serious Poulp, which we founded in 2010, when the temptation to publish games became too strong to resist.

Ludovic Roudy and Bruno Sautter

Role-playing games and gamebooks played a significant part in both our childhoods. Bruno was 5 when “The Warlock of Firetop Mountain” was published. Ludovic was 11 and already had a few prototypes on the go (one of which would eventually become The 7th Continent!).

We've been inspired by many great works during our lives, whether from board games, role-playing games or video games. When we started out in the board gaming industry, we naturally brought all of these elements with us.

We are not only the designers of the 7th Continent - Ludovic also creates all of the illustrations and visual elements for our games and Bruno, apart from writing cards and rulebooks, supervises production.