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This bundle includes everything you need to start your adventure: the Core Box to play the game (includes 3 curses you can fight), the Crystal Song expansion (includes a short introductory curse and several alternative game modes) and 100 card sleeves to sleeve your most frequently used cards.



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This bundle include everything you need to start your adventure :

Core Box - Classic Edition: Comes with all the core components needed to play The 7th Continent. The three included curses – “The Voracious Goddess”, “An Offering to the Guardians” and “The Bloody Hunt” – will each provide you with hours upon hours of solo or cooperative gameplay for up to four players. (Contains 2 storage trays, 849 cards, 34 dividers, 9 cardboard figures and their stands, 8 dice, a 24-page rule booklet and 1 player aid)

The Crystal's Song and Game Mode Expansion: This expansion includes a short curse to help you get familiar with the game’s mechanics, as well as several alternative game modes. (Contains 40 cards and 1 divider)

100 Premium Card-Sleeves: To sleeve the most frequently used cards.


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