The Flying Roots - Classic Edition

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Strange phenomena are at work on the continent, like these plants that grow to full size before tearing themselves from the earth itself to explore the world around them. Whether they help or hinder you, these flying roots will certainly have some surprises in store!

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Unlike anything you’ve ever seen, these floating plants are unique specimens indeed. Using what looks like pockets of gas to levitate off the ground their tentacle like vines have a tendency to explore anything they can reach, in a fashion that could be classified as “curious yet clumsy”. Now most of the time this isn’t a huge hindrance… although they could prove to be particularly…disruptive if your activity at the time consists of fighting a ravenous bear, scaling a cliff or trying to disarm a particularly vicious trap…  

Contrary to the Devourers, this expansion effects are tied directly to the Action Deck.

When you begin a game including The Flying Roots, you exchange the 4 “Death is Lurking” Curse cards with the one from this expansion provides. When a Flying Root is on your Terrain card, if you draw one of these cards whilst attempting to resolve an action, well, these intrepid plants don’t mean any harm, but it’s not going to end well for you…

That being said, at the beginning of your journey, you’ll know very little about these strange creatures and they’ll just seem like a pain in your collective behinds. 

If you take the time to examine and research their unique properties, you’ll find that you can indeed make use of them, even if they continue to pester you with their own special brand of “friendship”. Hey, at least they’re not trying to eat you. That’s a nice change, right? In a cup - made out of a old tin can you found on the beach – half full kind of way.

Contains 6 Flying Roots standees and 40 cards.


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Action cards
Adventure Cards
Exploration Cards

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