8 Masters’ revenge

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One of the greatest martial arts masters of your time, you are facing your foes. Clear-minded and determined, you know victory will be yours. Hit after hit, using your only weapons – your hands, represented by the 2 cards in play – you must breach your opponent’s guard to deal damage. As soon as their “health” marker reaches the last space of their life track (whose length depends on the number of players), they are defeated. The last player standing wins the fight.

Languages included: French / English / German / Spanish


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The game contains 4  two-sided boards showing the fight area where each master moves sideways, 108 cards representing the blows they deal, and many effect tokens. On their turn, a player may either draw 2 cards (not exceeding 4 cards in hand) or put a card into play on their fight area in order to attack. In the latter case, one of the 2 cards already in play is discarded and its effect is resolved.

Once they master the base rules, players can choose to play as one of the 8 available fighters. Each fighter has 2 martial techniques of their own, that they can use when in “fury”, offering new tactical opportunities.

The game has a solo mode of customizable difficulty. It also plays with 3 or 4 players, either individually or in 2-vs-2 mode.


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