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The 7th Continent Core box - Classic Edition

$US 59.00

Comes with all the core components needed to play The 7th Continent. The three included curses – “The Voracious Goddess”, “An Offering to the Guardians” and “The Bloody Hunt” – will each provide you with hours upon hours of solo or cooperative gameplay for up to four players.

Important: the “Classic Edition” base box is roomy enough to contain its 849 unsleeved cards, a 96-card expansion and a 40-card expansion. You'll need an extra storage box to exceed this limit. 

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The 7th Continent is a game of exploration and survival for 1 to 4 players, inspired by adventure books where YOU are the hero. You play the role of an explorer at the beginning of the 20th century who has returned from an expedition to the newly discovered 7th Continent, a mysterious and hostile land inspired by Jules Verne and H.P. Lovecraft.

You have brought more than relics and tales of adventure back with you, however! A nefarious curse now eats away at your soul, and you must return to the Continent to find out what ails you and purge it… or die trying.

Whether you play solo or team up with friends to play cooperatively, you will have to use all your survival skills if you want to live through the many dangers of The 7th Continent and lift your curse: craft items, hunt for food, use the environment to your advantage, and spend experience points to acquire new abilities.

The innovative card system, including dozens of random events, means that every playthrough will offer a unique experience, and every action could have long-lasting consequences! Save the life of a stranger you meet along the way, and they might help you survive later. If you choose to ignore them, or fail in your attempt to save them, you will lose the possibility of their help for the rest of the game.

You must take care with your scarce resources, however! Use your best judgment as to when to use them and when to save them, for you never know when it might be the one thing that could save your life. Should you use your herbs to save the stranger, or save them against the possibility of being poisoned yourself? Difficult decisions await, but imagine the reward for the adventurer who faces them and survives!

Unlike other board games, The 7th Continent will take you through many, MANY hours of adventure as you explore the Continent to lift your curse. To make this manageable, the game uses a simple yet effective save system that allows you to quickly pause the game at any time and put it away until your next session, just like a video game.

You can download the rulebook in PDF (click here) or learn to play with this Watch It Played video (click here).

Contains 2 storage trays, 849 cards, 34 dividers, 5 characters and 4 fires standees, 8 dice, a 24-page rule booklet and 1 player aid.

Important: the “Classic Edition” base box is roomy enough to contain its 849 unsleeved cards, a 96-card expansion and a 40-card expansion. You'll need an extra storage box to exceed this limit. 


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