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What Goes Up, Must Come Down

$US 49.00

An expansion with four brand new curses, each with their own unique gameplay mechanics, and including a "Satchel & Journal" Binder!

This expansion, which requires the base box, is compatible with all previous expansions.

This Collector expansion is mostly compatible with the “Classic Edition” base box. Only exception concerns the “Armageddon” curse that can only be played with a Collector base box.


The Expansion “What Goes Up, Must Come Down” invites you to come and discover, or perhaps return to, The 7th Continent for some fresh adventures! Four new curses are waiting, each with their own unique gameplay elements, for you to discover.

In “A Prison of Clouds” you’ll find yourself aboard a Hot Air Balloon, in search of salvation and in “The Veins of the Earth” you will delve deep below the Continent in order to triumph over the Evil consuming you.

"Satchel & Journal" Binder is a new accessory will allow you to store all the “Quest Item” cards that you’ll acquire during your adventures, just as if you were jotting them down in your journal!


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