The 7th Citadel Collector's Edition – Late Pledge


Order your Collector's Edition of The 7th Citadel, including: 

- The "Collector's Edition" core box,
- The exclusive expansion "On the Edge of Peril",
- All the Stretch Goals from the campaign for free!

You will receive a link by e-mail when the Pledge Manager opens, likely in Spring 2021. You will then be able to select the language(s) for your reward and add any optional buys to your order. 

You will also pay for shipping (estimated rates below) in the Pledge Manager.

Please note: if you backed The 7th Citadel's Kickstarter project for any amount, including €1, DO NOT LATE PLEDGE HERE. THIS IS ONLY FOR NEW BACKERS WHO WERE NOT PART OF THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN. 

In Stock


Includes all Stretch Goals


Expected delivery in May 2022


Shipping fees to be paid in the Pledge Manager

To learn more about The 7th Citadel's Kickstarter project: Click here

Late pledges will include all unlocked Stretch Goals for free.

When the Pledge Manager goes live, likely in Spring 2021, you will receive an e-mail notification with a link to the Pledge Manager where you will be able to do the following:

- Add optional buys,
- Upgrade to the "Gameplay All-in" Pledge,
- Add additional copies (up to a maximum of 3),
- Select the language(s) for your rewards,
- Pay for shipping (see "Shipping Fees" below)
- Provide us with your shipping address so we know where to send your rewards!

The price for the Gameplay All-in Pledge will be 127€ in the Pledge Manager.

If you want multiple copies of The 7th Citadel, you will be able to add up to 2 additional copies in the Pledge Manager (for a total of 3). You may mix and match "Collector’s Edition" Pledges and "Gameplay All-in" Pledges.

Be sure to allow emails from "" and add this address to your contacts to make sure you receive the notification email when the Pledge Manager opens. 


Shipping fees will be collected in the Pledge Manager.

Below is an estimate of shipping fees for each shipping zone. These are estimates, but we are committed to ensuring that these prices are the maximum amount you will be charged.

For all “Customs Friendly” destinations, backers from these countries will not have to pay any customs fees.

Would you like to pledge for several copies?

You will be able to order up to 3 copies of the game. Each purchased copy will include all unlocked Stretch Goals. For zones 1, 2 and 3, shipping costs beyond the first copy will be reduced by half!


TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Please read before you pledge:

If you do not confirm your contribution within 8 weeks of receiving the e-mail notification, it will be considered as abandoned.

By backing to this project, even late, you accept that the visuals and components presented and the rewards offered may not be final, may change and may differ from what is presented on the Kickstarter page of the project.

You agree that our responsibility to you is to send your order to you as validated by you in the "Pledge Manager", that title and risk passes to you upon delivery and that you may be responsible for payment of any taxes (such as import duties) to the appropriate authorities, that you are required to provide a correct delivery address and that you must ensure that your package can be delivered there in the normal manner. We regret that we are unable to deliver to P.O. Boxes.

If you do not accept these conditions, we advise you not to back to this project.

Thank you for your support!

Data sheet

Collector's Edition Core Box
All Unlocked Stretch Goals
"On The Edge Of Peril" Exclusive Expansion
Shipping Cost
Added During The Pledge Manager
May Be Added During The Pledge Manager